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Meet The Team

Our passion for changing the future of education has helped us gather an international team with years of experience from diverse backgrounds: educators, teachers, psychologists, mathematicians, engineers, data scientists, marketers, and designers.

Daniel González de Vega


Co-Founder of Smartick method.
Responsible for Smartick's product development.
Studying, analyzing, improving, expanding.
Industrial Engineer. MBA from Insead.

Javier Arroyo


Co-Founder of Smartick method.
Has taken a few laps around the world and as a child personally experienced, and even enjoyed educational systems in four different countries:
USA, Germany, Belgium, and Spain.
BA in Economy, MBA from the École de Commerce Solvay.

Conchi Ruiz


Conchi has spent the last decade working in digital children's spaces and closely following all the latest trends in educational apps and digital learning.
She likes exploring big ideas, building new relationships, and solving problems through creativity and collaboration.
BA in English Language and Literature and Master's Degree in International Trade.

Bobbie Carlton

Marketing and PR

Bobbie is part of the Smartick's marketing team. She has more than 30 years of experience in writing, marketing and PR. This includes involvement with a book series and website for preteen girls, designed to teach through literature. Bobbie also comes from a "teaching" background, as she has many teachers and profesors in the family.
Bobbie has a degree in Communications.

Colleen Bradley-MacArthur

Media Relations

Colleen is part of the Smartick's marketing team. She has 15 years of experience in educational, corporate, and broadcast media production. More recently she has worked in consumer marketing, social media and media relations, including multimedia work in the healthcare education spaces.
Colleen has a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Meredith Phillips

Social Media

Meredith is part of the Smartick's marketing team. She is a writer and moderator on social media parenting websites, and mom to her own six-year-old smartie.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable kids to have fun learning math, and to support each child by unlocking their full potential with adaptive and personalized online learning tools.

Our vision

Our vision is to help build a stronger and more positive future. To do this we build confidence in children by helping them excell in and develop an affinity to math.

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